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Roach Gigz Creeps You Out in “Zombie”

The Bay Area spitter drops the first video from Roachy Balboa 4

June 17, 2014

Bay Area rapper Roach Gigz pairs sharp rap ability with a rich sense of humor across his Roachy Balboa mixtape series. "Zombie" is the first video from the fourth installment, and opens with Gigz rising up from his watery grave rapping at full force. Awaken from his eternal slumber, Gigz continues spitting as an unidentified woman who never notices him despite him stalking her across her house. Did she kill him? Did he kill her? Was she his girl? But before any of those questions are answered, the clip cuts mid-verse. No resolution, just an undead Gigz static in a car, leaving us to run back this morbid twist on trademarked Bay Area bounce.

Posted: June 17, 2014
Roach Gigz Creeps You Out in “Zombie”