Abdu Ali Shouts Through the Noise on “Infinity Epiphanies”

The Baltimore rapper takes note of his city’s club beats for his latest record.

June 24, 2014


While Baltimore Club has been thriving for a couple of decades now, recently an influx of rappers have taken the sound of their city to their own music. Abdu Ali is one of the artists doing interesting things in this space and today releases a 45" titled Infinity Epiphanies on Baltimore's own Araca Records. Featuring production from Baltimore weirdo every-man Schwarz ("Say Something" and "Infinity Epiphanies") and Houston forward-pushing performer B L A C K I E ("Shiva"), it has a harsh electronics sound that has also been explored by other artists like Cities Aviv and Antwon. As Ali gets ready to head out on tour, Infinity Epiphanies is both an assertive primer on his sound and that of the ever-shifting styles of Bmore.

Stream: Abdu Ali, "Infinity Epiphanies"

Abdu Ali Shouts Through the Noise on “Infinity Epiphanies”