Stream a Mixtape of Predatory Club Music from Brooklyn Producer LSDXOXO

Dystopian club music featuring Cakes Da Killa, Rahel and BbyMutha.

July 07, 2014

I'm all for a producer who can zone in on the messed-up turns of phrase and sinister inflections that Rihanna toys with and use them as the basis to form an entirely new beast. That's part of the reason I was obsessed with MssingNo's "Skeezers," which re-contextualises RiRi's check my panties and my bra lyric from "Rockstar," in 2013, and why I currently can't stop listening to CYPHR's heated rework of "Diamonds." For a mainstream popstar, it seems she's got a particularly fluid relationship with the underground given her tracks are already full of so many jagged corners just waiting to be sharpened into blades.

LSDXOXO is the latest producer to catch my ears with a deliciously confrontational RiRi remix, taking the seriously questionable be my sex slave lyric from "Cockiness" and spinning it out into three minute heart-rattler. "IndustrySexxxxxSlave" is part of the Brooklyn-based juke and Jersey club producer's w h o r e c o r e mixtape, released this weekend, and it's just the tip of the iceberg. The whole tape is - as the name might suggest - aggressively sexual, as well as being all wrapped up in a digitised sadness and coldness that makes you never quite sure where you stand; "*SadEmoji*" in particular sounds like the most morose twerk imaginable. (Whoever had July 2014 in the "when will we have a track named after an emoji?" pool, collect your winnings.)

The features are where things get really freaky: BbyMutha is troublingly calm as she details murdering a cheating partner on opening track "Black Widow" - including the deadpan line broken condom, broken heart - and Camp & Street affiliate Rahel weaves masterfully in and out of the bass-dense "Perfect". But the stand-out here is Cakes Da Killa, who goes hard over LSDXOXO's frantic siren calls on "Bind That Bitch" before paring the whole thing back to a threatening whisper. Purchase w h o r e c o r e over at Bandcamp if you're interested in dystopian club music for when you're feeling downright predatory.

Stream a Mixtape of Predatory Club Music from Brooklyn Producer LSDXOXO