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Saint Pepsi Sings Now; Stream His New Single, “Fiona Coyne”

The 21-year-old Soundcloud wonder shares the a-side of his new Carpark Records single.


I stopped watching Degrassi around the time Jimmy "Drake" Brooks graduated, but it only took a couple minutes of Wikipedia-ing to learn all about "Fiona Coyne," the fictional object of Saint Pepsi's affection on his debut Carpark single: she's rich and fashionable and popular and used to live in Manhattan. A girl like that don't come for free, Saint Pepsi (real name: Ryan DeRobertis) sings on the assured, disco-indebted love song he named after her. The track itself has more in common with the output of labelmate Toro Y Moi than any of the 21-year-old's collection of dazed, sample-heavy, straight-to-Soundcloud constructions (for one, he's singing now). But anyone that's been following DeRobertis closely shouldn't be at all surprised by how fun and replayable this thing is; the dude enjoys pop songs and is decidedly a skilled producer in that realm. This is physical, swigging-champagne-on-a-rooftop summer music and it couldn't be coming at a better time. The 7-inch single (b/w "Fall Harder") is out August 12th; you can pre-order it now, though.

Stream: Saint Pepsi, "Fiona Coyne"

Saint Pepsi Sings Now; Stream His New Single, “Fiona Coyne”