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A Faded Evening with Antwon and Wiki in “Metro Nome”

Antwon and Wiki rap romantic deep thots in this grainy new video.

July 15, 2014

Tales of love lost, grainy film filters, and drink-till-I-black-out bars: "Metro Nome," Antwon's latest video from his Heavy Hearted in Doldrums album, lands squarely on the rapper's stylistic calling-cards. He and Wiki sit on the stoop shooting the breeze about women as the sun sets on their evening, and though Antwon is given the first verse, it is Wiki who really shines, weighing whether the new woman he's seeing is The girl of my dream or the girl of my nightmares, before joining Princess Nokia on a rooftop to share a hug and a brew. There's never one side to the story, is there?

Posted: July 15, 2014
A Faded Evening with Antwon and Wiki in “Metro Nome”