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Milo McBride Makes Wiry Tunes to Smoke E-Blunts To

Listen to the New York producer’s “Flaz” ahead of his Boiler Room Paris performance.

July 16, 2014


A range of synthetic voices stutter indecipherable things on NYC producer Milo McBride's new song "Flaz." It's a wiry little thing: a few tambourine shakes, a couple of handclaps and some stretched-out synth notes that slide into something approaching a melody as the track progresses. It's tagged as #VAPOR on his Soundcloud—the press release talks about smoking e-blunts in wifi-drenched lounges, which makes me think of FADER columnist Adam Harper as he came up with the name 'vaporwave' for a 2012 Dummy feature—but there's the faintest flash of 2-step before it flickers out. McBride also does stuff like make "architectural sound pieces," which he has previously exhibited at Barcelona's Sonar festival. Paris-based label Ventura Records will release "Flaz" as part of a new EP in September. If you are hanging out with your laptop this afternoon, you should tune into Boiler Room Paris between noon and 5pm EST to catch McBride's debut performance on the live streaming show. See the flyer below for showtimes in your timezone.

Milo McBride Makes Wiry Tunes to Smoke E-Blunts To