Milo McBride Premieres A Lurking, Liquid Video For “Clism”

More material to smoke e-blunts to from the electronic producer.

April 16, 2015

"Clipse," the latest single off Milo McBride's recent RUINZ EP, is like a wavy lullaby. Its warm bass and pitched-down vocals are strung together by a beat you could mindlessly dance to forever. Less soothing are the extraordinary visuals McBride commissioned to accompany it: a hyperreal rendering of a drifting space station gives way to a series of random objects (a T-Rex statue, a woman's body) seemingly carved out of tar. The objects stay unsettlingly still as we dive around them, lurking and liquid.

Over e-mail from Germany, McBride writes, "A dance group asked me to write some music for a performance they were doing and "Clism" happened pretty naturally out of that. Thinking about movement, I wanted to make a song that breathes as much as it pulses. For the video, I teamed up with Düsseldorf-based artist Florian Orlob to make the visual component. He created an ocular journey that flows through the cosmos and the quotidian."

RUINZ is out now on Parisian imprint Ventura Records.

Lead Image: Waverly Mandel

Milo McBride Premieres A Lurking, Liquid Video For “Clism”