Two Must-See Events to Hit Up During Copenhagen Fashion Week

This city is popping right now.

August 06, 2014

While the folks of the fashion world focus all of their attention on what's going on on the catwalks during Copenhagen Fashion Week, we're giving you the lowdown on the cool fashion events happening off the runway throughout the city. Why try to elbow your way into the front row to squeeze in with the others during runway shows when you can rub shoulders with the fashion elite while getting down to the sounds of ASAP Nast?

Astrid Andersen Store Opening

Good news for all of the Astrid Andersen fans out in Copenhagen: you no longer have to login to the V-Files website to order and ship all of your Andersen gear, now you can just walk down the street to her first-ever brick and mortar store. Your favorite rapper's new favorite designer that managed to create a following with her sports-influenced, street-savvy designs will open her first store on August 7th and the after-party, with a special performance from ASAP Nast, promises to be pretty poppin' as well.

Virgil Abloh "Industrial By Nature" and Malcolm McLaren's "Let It Rock: The Look of Music, The Sound of Fashion" exhibit at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

Putting the work of streetwear-maven/Off-White designer/DJ Virgil Abloh and punk-pioneer god Malcolm McLaren together in one exhibit space sounds like a match made in Heaven. The two fashion rebels have made names for themselves by defining the constricting rules of fashion and starting separate cultural movements all their own. Head to the exhibition to see each artists' groundbreaking original designs and inspirational artwork. No guarantees Kanye will make an appearance closing night though.

Two Must-See Events to Hit Up During Copenhagen Fashion Week