Charlotte OC Descends into Darker Realms on “Strange”

Watch British soul-pop newcomer Charlotte OC get witchy in her new video.

August 12, 2014


In the vein of Bat for Lashes and Zola Jesus, British newcomer Charlotte OC makes spacious ballads tinged with ominousness and sorcery, as suitably remixed into a banger as chanted over a pentagram. At five years old, she would stare down strangers in her driveway in witches' robes, and at sixteen she adopted Alicia Keys as her idol, so it's only natural that Charlotte OC's music sounds like it's been fermenting in a cauldron. Last October, she dropped her first EP, Color My Heart, a sparsely instrumental but heavy-footed collection of four tracks where her penchant for soulful roiling cropped up at every turn. "Strange," the title track from her forthcoming new EP due September 2 on Harvest Records, takes big risks. Favoring creepy echoes and glitches to a strong pop bass, and dark whispers to the warmer sound her debut EP established, the effect is hair-raisingly beautiful. Watch Charlotte OC’s supernaturally sultry video above, directed by Georgia Hudson, and stream the Moodyman remix of "Hangover" here.

Posted: August 12, 2014
Charlotte OC Descends into Darker Realms on “Strange”