Charlotte OC Is Trapped In Her “Darkest Hour” Video

An intense video from the U.K. singer.

September 29, 2016

In the video for her latest single "Darkest Hour," U.K. singer Charlotte OC is all alone in a state of duress. Through blaring lights, darkness, and artistic makeup choices, Charlotte gives her all to her performance. As the anthemic song continues, the key lines of the power chorus, the devil he waits, the devil he waits for you, seem more like reality and less like metaphor.


The singer recently told The FADER over email that the song about the feeling of being paralyzed. “‘Darkest Hour’ is about watching someone you love become a prisoner in a toxic relationship, and feeling powerless because there is nothing you can do to help," she said. "The song is an introduction to what the album is about - love, loss and family.”

Watch the striking video above.

Charlotte OC Is Trapped In Her “Darkest Hour” Video