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Hear Captain Murphy’s Sermon on Sinister Selfies In “Cosplay”

Another twisted cut courtesy of Flying Lotus and Adult Swim.

August 15, 2014

I've said it before: Flying Lotus's Duality is a must listen. Even by post-Odd Future standards, Flylo's offshoot project as Captain Murphy was an excellent, exhilarating blast of depraved rap over beats stitched from jagged samples and unholy drums. Captain Murphy has managed to design and maintain a real aesthetic, with morbid film clips bookending gravel-pitched vocals, but the stories he sneaks in under the din make these cuts worth fourth and fifth listens: on "Cosplay," after a witch doctor offers the Captain's help "to attract a multitude of lovers, with great seductive energy," he warns selfie crash the server when she take a pic... all these hoes is on me, all these hoes is zombies. I dressed as Gerald from Hey Arnold once for Halloween, but I don't think that's the kind of cosplay he's needling at here. The track's available as a part of Adult Swim's Singles series, and Flylo's You're Dead! drops October 7th, just in time for costume shopping.

Stream: Captain Murphy, "Cosplay"

Hear Captain Murphy’s Sermon on Sinister Selfies In “Cosplay”