Introducing a New

New music, new style, new culture—that’s what we love to find and share. Today, we’re proud to bring you something new of our own: a new

August 18, 2014

It's the 15th anniversary of The FADER, which feels pretty wild—these days, the artists we cover can be younger than that. Still, after all these years, each day brings our staff another chance to totally lose ourselves in excitement. New music, new clothes, new books and films—that's what we love to find and share. Today, we're proud to bring you something new of our own: a brand new 

Working with Wondersauce, we've re-imagined the site from the ground up. We're here to tell good stories, and now those stories will look good, too. Whether you're looking to discover your next favorite song or get up close and personal with emerging artists in musicstyle, and culture, we've pushed aside the clutter so you can get right to the gems.  

Never again will you have to pinch-and-zoom our Nicki Minaj cover story just to see which interview question made her tear up. Our phone and tablet game is finally where it needs to be. Now, gorgeous photos are served up in high enough quality for you to confidently make them your iPhone's wallpaper, or maybe print out a dozen Nickis and make her your bedroom's wallpaper, too. is here to let you do both, and a whole lot more. 

Because the new site's not just about looking pretty. We built a new music player that seamlessly plays everywhere—click the headphone logo in the top right of the page, and you can leave a tab of The FADER open all day for an endless playlist of fresh-picked jams. What's more, our recurring features, like FADER MixSocial Anxiety, and Beat Construction now live in new and improved story collections, so it's easier to find more of what you want, when you want it. Looking at the reconsidered sections for FADER TV, our big-time events, and of course the magazine we drop on your doorstep six times a year, we're just so psyched about where The FADER has been, and where we're about to take you next. This is just the beginning—we've got plenty more surprises coming soon. Let us know what you think at It's only going to get wilder.

Posted: August 18, 2014
Introducing a New