A$AP Ferg’s Girlfriend Has a Girlfriend in the New Haim Video

A$AP Ferg and Haim don’t take themselves too seriously for the “My Song 5” video.

August 19, 2014

The conceit behind Haim's new clip for the A$AP Ferg version of "My Song 5" may not be entirely clear—part SNL sketch, part cameo gallery, part traditional music video—but it will inevitably please anyone who's ever lost themselves in a Maury YouTube clip K-hole at 3am. Haim may be stepping slightly out of their California chill girls vibe with the highly produced, famous face-studded clip, but they're clearly not taking themselves too seriously. In an outtake from our cover story on the sister trio, youngest Haim Alana explained her perspective on female musician music video cliches:

Right now, we’re looking at music video ideas, and I went on Pitchfork to see their video section and I spent a really long time. I was watching all these videos and it seemed like women were super sheepish, wearing white dresses in a field. They didn’t seem very strong. I was like, this is kinda cool, it’s like kinda of the time. Then I watched TRL on YouTube and a Spice Girls video came on, the one for “Giving You Everything,” and they were in the desert shooting death stars and guns and shit, and I was like, this is way more interesting. They don’t give a fuck. They’re kicking ass, and they’re having so much fun doing it. In my eyes, only the strong survive. The more powerful girls are, the more interesting there are. There are a lot of strong women musicians right now. Saint Vincent seems pretty strong, and I love Bleached. I think Grimes is a fucking trailblazer. She’s a badass. I thought the letter she put on Tumblr was really ballsy, I thought it was really cool. She wrote a letter saying get off my ass for liking Top 40 music, stop calling me a poser. Stop treating my dancers like pieces of meat. I thought it was really well-written girl power.

"Fucking trailblazer" Grimes actually appears in the clip, alongside Ke$ha, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, and Big Sean. The Haim sisters aren't playing damsels in distress; if anyone's a victim here, it's A$AP Ferg.

A$AP Ferg’s Girlfriend Has a Girlfriend in the New Haim Video