Kanye West Almost Enlisted David Lynch to Direct His Video

The famous film director told The Daily Beast that he was slated to direct the video for Yeezus’ “Blood on the Leaves,” but it never happened.

August 28, 2014

Kanye West's masterful “Blood on the Leaves” from Yeezus is so cinematic, that one could imagine what the video might have been like had it been directed by a visionary Hollywood director. It's something that David Lynch – the man behind Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks – will leave us guessing, as he recently told The Daily Beast in an interview that “Blood on the Leaves” is one of his favorite songs, and that he was on board to work on that clip, but it never came to fruition.

“He’s just ridin’ the wave and not takin’ no for an answer,” the director said of West. “We almost worked together, but I never got the ideas. I feel I let him down a little bit...I didn’t come up with any ideas that I thought he would like...Kanye’s a good guy, and a great musician. I loved the song, and that’s what brought us together, but I couldn’t come up with ideas that thrilled either one of us.”

Had Lynch's dark and eccentric vision paired with that song's hard-hitting rhymes and beats, the results could have been pretty epic. Still, Ye isn't exactly hurting in terms finding people to collaborate with, as he did with Chief Keef on the track "Nobody."

Posted: August 28, 2014
Kanye West Almost Enlisted David Lynch to Direct His Video