Reach “Bacchanalian Ecstasy” with Dubbel Dutch’s EP of Hyperwine Refixes

Stream the “Everything Nice” producer’s new collection of remixes, mashups and Caribbean-influenced bootlegs.

September 02, 2014

Brooklyn's Marc Glasser, bka Dubbel Dutch, made a big impression on us this summer. In addition to producing one of the season's definitive daytime drinking anthems, the New Yorker also told us his favorite moments in dancehall history, expertly DJ-ed our Summer Music issue release party, and stitched together the most gloriously sun-streaked FADER Mix in recent memory. Now, fresh after teasing us with an edit of Popcaan's "Naughty Girl," Dubbel Dutch has set free his entire EP of Hyperwine Refixes, streaming below and featuring eclectic voices like BrandyGyptian, and Ellie Goulding. If geeking out over these songs post-Labor Day is like the sonic equivalent of wearing white, then catch us with this Tinashe "2 On" bootleg at full volume, dressed in head-to-toe white and blissfully pretending that September. Never. Started. Download the full EP right here, check out its iridescent, Rachel Noble-designed artwork above, and then read a very brief interview with Glasser about the release and what else he's got coming up. 

What's the idea behind this EP? This EP is a selection of previously unavailable remixes and edits that I created for mixes, live sets, and just to share with friends. All the tracks are Caribbean influenced and intended to summon uplifting, energetic, and motivational feelings in the listener. "Hyperwine" just felt like a good description overall for that sort of sound. I like to imagine them as warp-speed tools for transporting people to bacchanalian ecstasy. Hopefully, they’ll also help some ravers cure their post-labor day carnival comedown.

How do you approach a remix? My approach to remixes definitely can vary, but in most cases I’m taking the a capella or vocals from a tune and entirely re-imagining or re-producing the instrumental. This process heavily informs—and is informed by—my work so far as a producer; the same muscles are often flexed. In some cases, I’m moved to take a mediocre song and make it more compelling. Other times, I’m taking a universally recognized or undeniably catchy tune and seeing how much I can twist it without losing the soul. Separately, sometimes I’ll have an "a ha" moment and realize that a certain pop or R&B tune just happens to blend perfectly with a stray instrumental I might have lying around.

What is next for you? Experimenting and having fun in the studio with other people has been a huge source of inspiration for me lately, so I’ll definitely be doing more of that. I'm currently working on productions with and for several artists in addition to focusing on my own solo material. Also, I'm heading back to Europe in mid-October to perform a few select shows, so I'll hopefully be sharing some more music before then. 

Reach “Bacchanalian Ecstasy” with Dubbel Dutch’s EP of Hyperwine Refixes