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In Other News: Aphex Twin, Perfume Genius, and The Wire in HD

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September 03, 2014

Aphex Twin's Syro Boxed Set Is Sharp

Today, Warp shared the details (and images) of the limited edition boxed set for Syro, the new, seriously anticipated Aphex Twin album. The artwork features a meticulously drafted list divvying up all of the expenses surrounding the record, from photo shoots to test printings. We've got a more in-depth interview with Richard D. James on the horizon, but here's five things we learned about him and Syro ahead of that. 

Perfume Genius Opens up to Stereogum: "I’m just as badass as anyone; my clothes are just more silken"

In a conversational new Q+A with Brooklyn-based music writer and FADER contributor T. Cole Rachel, Perfume Genius talks about his new record, the "weird politics of being a gay artist," and tells a story about a French journalist that accused him of being addicted to porn. It's a rare, special interview that you wish didn't end when you reached the bottom of the page. 

Kim K is British GQ's "Woman of the Year"

Mrs. Kardashian West—she recently legally changed her name—also appears on the cover of the magazine, making what one FADER editor describes as a "sex face," while another think she looks like she's "about to sneeze." 

This Is Good: HBO is Releasing The Wire in HD

We're not completely over the 12 day, too-good-to-be-true The Simpsons marathon that ran on FXX and just wrapped, but this news that HBO is scheming up something similar with a remastered version of The Wire is comforting. But they haven't announced all the details, and according to The Verge, the episodes "aren't ready yet."

And, Finally...

The only "link roundup" that's maybe a little bit better than ours. 

In Other News: Aphex Twin, Perfume Genius, and The Wire in HD