In Other News: Miley Cyrus’ Sculptures and Maya Angelou’s Hip-Hop Record

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September 08, 2014

Young Sculptor, Miley Cyrus, to Display Work in NYC

For a new collection of sculptures—which includes bedazzled hamster toys and weed glued to a personal vibrator—devout stoner and student of life Miley Cyrus turned a bunch “of fucking junk and shit," into "something that made [her] happy," V Magazine reports.  The outpouring of creative energy was apparently sparked by an Independence day encounter with designer Jeremy Scott. The series, called "Dirty Hippie," duh, will be on display at the V offices in NYC starting September 11th. 

Maya Angelou Is Releasing a Posthumous Hip-Hop Record

Billboard reports that Caged Bird Songs—a collection that blends the ever-inspiring, recently-departed poet's words with hip-hop beats—will be released on November 4th. The project is a collaboration between Angelou, RoccStarr and R&B singer Shawn Rivera; it features some material recorded especially for this project—the late legend's last. 

Must See: Ryan McGinley & Cory Arcangel's Joint Show @ Team Gallery

Photographer Ryan McGinley and FADER Fort DJ/post-conceptual artist/ Twitter novelist Cory Arcangel are currently sharing space at the city gallery. McGinley's "YEARBOOK," which features over 500 nude portraits, is paired with Arcangel's collection of distorted pop culture imagery, called "tl;dr." The dual exhibition opened yesterday and runs through October 26th. 

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In Other News: Miley Cyrus’ Sculptures and Maya Angelou’s Hip-Hop Record