Miley Cyrus Is Very Excited about Her Dirty Hippie NYFW Debut

A heartfelt NYFW moment courtesy of the Queen of Poppin Off.

Miley Cyrus Dirty Hippie Jewelry Line
Photographer @MileyCyrus
September 10, 2014

I just got back into the office after attending the Jeremy Scott spring '15 runway show and to say that it was a media circus would a gross understatement. The front row was lined with celebrity blogger-turned-media mogul Perez Hilton, FADER #80 cover star  2Chainz, a pop starlet that we couldn't quite place and—most excited of them all—Miley Cyrus, whose neon-beaded, found objects conceptual art-cum-jewelry line, Dirty Hippie, made its NYFW debut on a select handful of models on the catwalk. As I observed the show from three rows directly behind Miley, who was seated next to her mother and sister, it was impossible to miss/ignore the cheers and yelps of delight that came from her and her crew every time one of those custom jewelry pieces sashayed down the runway. There was no pretension or putting on for the camera, just unadulterated joy at seeing her handiwork accepted and present IRL. Walking back from the massive crush surrounding the blocks at MILK studios in Chelsea, I checked out Miley's Instagram page to see how she felt about the whole show and was pleasantly surprised to find words of genuine thanks and gratitude under her blurry, happy photos. I guess if a lot of your career has been marked by tabloid fodder and being hounded by paparazzi, it must be nice to see something, other than music, that you naively created be given a stage of its own. Congrats girl!

holllllly 💩I can't believe this is muah life ! Thank u @itsjeremyscott @carlynecerfdedudzeele

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Miley Cyrus Is Very Excited about Her Dirty Hippie NYFW Debut