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Chris Rock, Jay Z, Kanye West and DMX Earn Big Buzz at TIFF

Top Five, a semi-auto biographical film by Chris Rock, co-produced by Jay and Ye, and featuring a DMX cameo, just earned a major distribution deal.

September 11, 2014

Awards have yet to be announced at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, but already a movie likely to appeal to FADER readers is winning big. News broke this morning that Top Five, a semi-autobiographical movie that Chris Rock wrote, directed and starred in, has been picked up by Paramount Pictures following a strong showing last weekend. The alleged $12.5 million dollar distribution deal is likely to be the biggest of the festival, Deadline reports

The film is being described as Woody Allen but for the hip-hop set. Or, per The Hollywood Reporters' review, "a midlife crisis narrative that recalls the Manhattan-set tales of Woody Allen and the entertainment industry sendups of Larry David, except with dick jokes, n-bombs, Jay Z and Kanye West." The high-praise -- and big bucks so-far earned -- are good news for the later mentioned, as both Jay and 'Ye are listed as co-producers (alongside Hollywood heavyweights Scott Rudin and Barry Diller) on film. Additionally, The Roots' Questlove served as the films executive music producers; and DMX, who makes a brief cameo, steals the show apparently. Count us intrigued.

Chris Rock, Jay Z, Kanye West and DMX Earn Big Buzz at TIFF