In Other News: Ello Blew up, a New Mommy Trailer and ‘ihanna's Studio Selfies

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September 26, 2014

Is Ello "Over"? 

We wouldn't contribute to the deafening Ello noise if we didn't think a couple people had interesting things to say about it. Social media theorist Nathan Jurgenson raised some worthwhile points in a piece posted to his actual Ello page, and ad-free webzine The Media shared an op-ed that accuses the Venture Capital-funded start-up of being deceptive. There's a lot more if you Google "ello." Or, you know, you could not. 

Yesterday, we asked Brooklyn-based concert booker/tastemaker and early Ello-adopter Ric Leichtung if he thought the operation was sustainable. "There's a short blurb in the WTF section of the site that explains the team is inspired by Radiohead's pay-what-you-wish model they used for In Rainbows. I really hated that album so the concept feels intrinsically doomed and sort of whimsical and naive." Lol. 

Rihanna and Ester Dean Get to Work

Rihanna's busy at work on her untitled eighth release with songwriter Ester Dean. But before they laid down the track, the duo took a quick studio selfie. Read Dean's 2012 New Yorker profile right here.

 Chanel Is Selling $5000 Quilted Headphones 

The luxury headphones are leather and feature the brand's iconic logo, Forbes reports.

Cannes Favorite Mommy has a US Trailer Now

Directed by 25-year-old l'enfant terrible Xavier Dolan, this misfit Oscar contender is one of our most anticipated films ATM. 

And, Finally...

In Other News: Ello Blew up, a New Mommy Trailer and ‘ihanna's Studio Selfies