Shut Your Eyes For “All The Time,” the First Single from 18+’s Debut Album

The LA duo make music to lose your body to.

September 27, 2014

LA duo 18+ have tweeted a couple times lately about losing your body, which caught my eye because theirs is music that seems to focus on the body at the same time as totally disowning it. Justin and Samia - or Boy and Sis - make tracks that speak to asses, hips and other body parts in ways that would make you hesitant to blast them in front of your parents, and yet they're accompanied by videos full of digitally animated bodies (including the one that accompanied the original mixtape version of this song) and emoji-fied feelings, and laid over tracks of such sparse R&B production that they feel downright scary. So while it's sort of sexy, it's more about an internal bubbling of repressed desires than it is about bodily action. Nowhere is that clearer than on "All The Time," the sultry lead single from their just-announced debut LP Trust for Houndstooth (arriving November 10). Over a breathy and melodic backdrop, Samia sings of secrets she doesn't want her lover to know when they're not around, and brags that she can play your game with my eyes shut, and burn you to the ground when you're not even looking in my eyes. Unlike so much of pop music that deals with love or sex, the people involved are doing anything but looking at each other; but they're on each other's minds all the time. 

Posted: September 27, 2014
Shut Your Eyes For “All The Time,” the First Single from 18+’s Debut Album