“Mike Tyson’s Mysteries” Premieres This Fall on Adult Swim

Iron Mike isn’t letting your favorite Saturday morning cartoons go down without a fight.

October 02, 2014

As of this week, Saturday morning cartoons are no more. The CW was the last network to host the classic American programming block, and pulled the plug on reruns of Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh for the kind of shitty edu-tainment that was usually reserved for the dead-zone early afternoon. I recently asked my young niece if she got up early to see her favorite shows, and she replied, "Why would I wake up on a Saturday to watch cartoons?" She's right, I thought, as I sat there absorbing the shade an 11-year-old just threw at me. While it may tug at your nostalgic heartstrings, let's face it: Saturday night is our Saturday morning.

Still, we appreciate that Mike Tyson isn't going down without a fight. The champ has announced an all new animated series on Adult Swim, Mike Tyson's Mysteries, inspired by classic Hannah-Barbera series that collect dust today on Boomerang. "This is a cartoon for the high guys," Tyson explains in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. "We get a message from our bird and then we start figuring out [the mystery] one step at a time. And along the way we fly into a lot of ambiguous situations. I may also punch a few dinosaurs." "Mike Tyson's Mysteries" premieres October 27th on our favorite, fucked up network.

UPDATE: Adult Swim sent Mike Tyson a screener for the first episode, and he tweeted it, watermark and all. We'll still be tuned in this Monday for the premiere.

Posted: October 02, 2014
“Mike Tyson’s Mysteries” Premieres This Fall on Adult Swim