Been Trill Designer Reacts to A$AP Rocky’s “Multiply” Diss

“The song/video is good. Let’s continue to shake shit up!”

October 03, 2014

Been Trill designer, DJ and master of winter whites Heron Preston has taken a decidedly vocal and commerce-friendly approach to answering A$AP Rocky's anti-Been Trill lyrics in his new single, "Multiply." Preston quickly took to his Instagram account to offer up a thought-provoking critical rebuttal that pronounces "Multiply" as "good" and calls on popular culture to continue to shake things up. Preston then followed up his heart-felt cri-de-cour with a freshly-printed bootleg shirt, entitled the "Tip Drill," yanking it's damning graphics straight from Rocky's video. "I present to you the "Tip Drill" tee, my latest installment in the Heron Preston Bootleg series. Buy it now for $50 shipped / just email to buy." It doesn't get more meta than that. See Heron's full comment below, and read how "Multiply" director Shomi Patwary brought Rocky's vision to life in our exclusive interview.

"What happened to rapper on rapper beef? The days of biggie vs tupac & jay z vs nas are over. Remember how Nas's "Ether" or Tupac "Hit Em Up" made you feel? Remember what that meant for rap music? The fact that a rapper dissed a clothing company is a huge sign of the times. does that mean rap is boring? has rap lost it's edge? Today, power in music is style. power is fashion. Let's keep this shit shocking and competitive! this is how you push things forward. and the song/video is good. let's continue to shake shit up! our culture needs it.' —Heron Preston

Posted: October 03, 2014
Been Trill Designer Reacts to A$AP Rocky’s “Multiply” Diss