Why Your Favorite Rapper Should Care About Maison Martin Margiela’s New Creative Director

Here’s what you need to know about the luxury label’s new boss.

October 06, 2014

Today OTB, the parent company of Maison Martin Margiela announced the appointment of John Galliano as its new Creative Director. This marks Galliano's official return to fashion after a much publicized removal from Christian Dior back in 2010 for drunkenly hurling racial slurs at random strangers in a Parisian restaurant. For a designer that infamously made his name off the strength of elaborately ornate couture runway shows and ready-to-wear collections inspired by homeless people, Galliano seems a likely and yet unlikely candidate to fill the role. Likely, in that he has the bonafide design chops to straddle the labels' intricate couture line as well as it's ready to wear collection, and unlikely in that a high profile designer is all new territory for the 26-year old fashion house. The luxury label—who's been name checked by Kanye and Jay Z, is on A$AP Rocky's ever-shrinking shortlist of fave designers in "Multiply" and was the ultimate signifier of rags to riches in Future's "Maison Margiela"—will have more eyes than ever watching its every step. Here, we've broken down the nuts and bolts of why you and your favorite rapper should care about Margiela's new creative director. 

The fashion house hasn't named a new designer since….well, since ever

Martin Margiela, who founded the line in 1988, left his namesake brand in 2009. Margiela cut off all ties with brand and remains a notorious recluse. The last known photo of him is loosely dated to 1997. An unnamed design team has guided the label and a successor has never been named until now. 

Galliano loves gold chains and ostentatious clothes even more than rappers

Galliano, who's known for his flair for the dramatic and for rolling around town dressed like a pirate, will no doubt kick this avant garde label into hi-gear with flashy new designs—all the better for rocking on stage. And though he's kind of toned his personal style down since his trial and fall from grace, we're hoping the gold chains and flouncing blouses make a comeback as well.

It'll still be more expensive than anything your friends can cop

Per Future's ode to balling out of control, Margiela's understated knits and space-man sneakers will still remain expensive and exclusive. The luxury label's cache can seemingly only continue to grow from here with this high-profile appointment.

Why wouldn't you be excited, even Kanye is pumped! 

Never one to miss a fashion moment, Yeezy was up tweeting the praises of Galliano's new gig and his overall excitement with the Paris fashion scene at large. Pretty sure that as long as Galliano keeps him stocked with those crystal masks, 'Ye will remain happy. 

Posted: October 06, 2014
Why Your Favorite Rapper Should Care About Maison Martin Margiela’s New Creative Director