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Skodia’s Sculptural Wool Top Is Going to Save My Winter

“Softwear” is our comfy future.

skodia wool top liz raiss
Photographer Ian Reid
October 06, 2014

Last week I wrote that my fondness for up and coming NYC-based label Skodia had a lot to do with its sense of everywhereness: it didn't feel exclusive to New York, or to Melbourne (where the designer's mom crafts the knitted pieces), or anywhere else really. Turns out there was a reason for that. Jess McKie, Skodia's designer, tells us she "likes to get away from New York to design each collection. fall was designed in Billings, Montana, spring was designed upstate New York and next fall I'll begin the design process in L.A. And complete in Australia and Bali. Although some are not necessarily the most remote places, I think it's important to remove myself from my regular surroundings and be in a new environment."

Unfortunately for me, I'm not getting into a new environment anytime soon, and it's getting colder in New York everyday. The Clayton Tank helps. I survive each winter on the strength of four or five items, and Skodia's fleece top/sweater/turtleneck is going into heavy rotation. It's fuzzy without the slightest trace of itch and keeps me warm without overheating, the way wool sometimes does. The heather grey fleece looks sporty or sleek depending on what you wear with it, and it's comfy enough to wear around the house. You can layer it over long sleeves or pair it with torn up jeans or wear it the way the designer intended, with more fleece. The cowl neck has turtleneck functionality without the '70s vibe, it looks structured and futuristic and is perfect for ducking your chin into in case of wind or people trying to talk to you. McKie has dubbed her approach to her collections "softwear," and that's precisely the aesthetic I'm striving for this winter. When I wear it I look like I care about the way I look when it's cold outside, and that's an illusion I'm trying to sustain.

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Skodia’s Sculptural Wool Top Is Going to Save My Winter