In Other News: Birdman And Young Thug Are Excluding You

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October 15, 2014

Young Thug And Birdman Are In A Secret Club And Only They Know The Password

Why isn't anyone talking about Young Thug and Birdman's intricate, elaborate eight second long secret handshake?? I know a lot went down at the BET Awards but come on, people. Don't sleep on something so important. Look for it around 3:40.

You Can Stop (Not) Feeling Guilty About Using Someone Else's Parent's HBOGO And Finally Get Your Own

Photo via Theo Wargo / Getty Images

HBO has never really been sweating the rampant, unapologetic sharing of account passwords that has been around ever since they started their streaming service, seeing it basically as free advertising. While in the past they've sworn never to cleave the web-only service from their premium television package, it looks like they've changed their minds. Coming soon, they'll offer a standalone subscription service, which could either be a brilliant move towards the post-cable era, or a giant disaster on par with Qwikster. We'll see!

Your Themed Parties Are Handled Courtesy Of This New Website

See, Hear, Party loops degraded clips and music chosen by you. It's begging for dorm-room wall projection.

And, Finally....

Look on Offset, ye mighty, and despair.

In Other News: Birdman And Young Thug Are Excluding You