Mr Mitch Shares Heartbroken, Mantra-Like Grime Tune “Don’t Leave”

Mitch explains: “Maybe there’s a version of me that’s having a really shitty time.”

Mr. Mitch Pani Paul
Photographer Pani Paul
October 24, 2014

It's been a great couple of days for grime here at The FADER. Yesterday we premiered something special from Loom on Mr. Mitch's Gobstopper imprint, and now we're sharing the title track from Mitch's forthcoming Don't Leave EP on Planet Mu, due November 7th. The artist co-runs the influential instrumental grime night Boxed LDN—which has also released two vital compilations documenting the current wave of instrumental grime—and for people who wondered "Track ID?" during Mr. Mitch's portion of Boxed's pretty great Boiler Room set, the emergence of this tune might signal a sigh of relief.

The lower frequencies of "Don't Leave" are made up by a catchy 808 figure and a commanding sample of what sounds like a hand drum, evoking a procession-like atmosphere that sets a tense backdrop for a series of cinematic crescendi, fleshed out by sedated, pop-learned arrangements of 8 bit synths. On top of it all is a sampled vocal that pleads with mantra-like repetition, Don't leave me girl. If that vocal makes Mitch seem lonely, don;t worry: "I don't know why, because everything is going well in my love life but the music that seems to connect with me the most is that of real heartbreak," he told The FADER. "Maybe there's a parallel version of me that's having a really shitty time and it just comes through in the music."

Posted: October 24, 2014
Mr Mitch Shares Heartbroken, Mantra-Like Grime Tune “Don’t Leave”