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Mr Mitch Comes Over All 808s And Heartbreak On His New EP

Hear the grime producer’s tear-jerking new release for Planet Mu in full.

November 02, 2014

There's a lot of emotions that course through London's monthly instrumental grime night Boxed, but heartbreak isn't typically one of them. The wave of cutting-edge producers that their events and compilations showcase are generally dedicated to an icier and spikier spectrum of feeling, coming off occasionally playful, occasionally aggressive, and generally larger than life. Boxed co-founder Mr Mitch, though, on his new EP for Planet Mu, has created one of the most melancholic, intimate, and totally lush releases to come from the scene in a minute. Title track "Don't Leave" cracks open with the desperate repeated cry of don't leave me girl ("Maybe there's a parallel version of me that's having a really shitty time," Mitch mused to The FADER recently), leading the way into an EP that glitters with 8-bit sounds, soulful vocal snippets and infatuated flushes of warm synth. Fall in love with the whole release below.

Posted: November 02, 2014
Mr Mitch Comes Over All 808s And Heartbreak On His New EP