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UK Grime Producer Murlo Brings You To The “Roman Baths”

The Midlands-born producer brings his trademark decadence to bear in a particularly regal fashion on this one.

October 28, 2014

Murlo has a thing about decadence. It's in the flora and fauna of his melodic cadences, the silky textures of his synths, and the gracefulness of his tracks' progressions—never ostentatious, always balmy. All of these elements are in play in particularly regal fashion on "Roman Baths," off the UK grime producer's forthcoming Into Mist EP on Rinse, which we're premiering below. Via email, Murlo told us about the thought process behind the track's refined gestures: "As I was writing it I was putting it into context in my head with the kind of place you'd see when hearing it; like soundtracking a scene almost. I had in mind for the track to be pretty decadent, hence the name haha." Stay tuned after the track for Murlo's video for "Into Mist"—he's a self-taught graphic designer—and get to know his polychromatic visions a little better.

Posted: October 28, 2014
UK Grime Producer Murlo Brings You To The “Roman Baths”