What We Learned from Run the Jewels’ Reddit AMA

November 04, 2014

Fresh off of releasing one of the best hip-hop albums of the year (as well as one of the best albums of the year, period), Killer Mike and El-P of the unstoppable hip-hop duo Run the Jewels took to Reddit earlier today to answer questions as part of the mega-message-board's public-Q&A "Ask Me Anything" feature. If you want to sift through the whole thing, head here, but for those facing time constraints, here's some highlights:

There will be a third Run the Jewels album. "no fucking idea yet about future guests," El said, which prompted Mike to interject, "i would like to get elvis for rtj3." El went on to suggest using a Ouija board to make that happen—timely reference!

If you're waiting for a follow-up to El-P's last album, be prepared to wait a little longer. There was a five-year gap between El-P's 2007 solo LP I'll Sleep When You're Dead and 2012's Cancer 4 Cure, and it looks like he's taking his time with his next one, too: "not done with that yet...right now RTJ is my life and its very creatively fulfilling."

Same goes for a follow-up to Killer Mike's 2012 LP R.A.P. Music, which featured production from El-P. And El promises to spare no expense next time around: "this time i am going to be very expensive and I'm not sure mike really understands that. really, really, really, really expensive. lots of money."

Killer Mike has, allegedly, never heard Kanye West's Yeezus. "Was it good?" Gotta hear both sides, Mike.

Neither member of Run the Jewels is in the possession of gold chains—for now. "I'm ashamed of us," El stated on the duo's lack of the type of spangly neckwear that's adorned both of their album covers to date. "i guess we should soon," Mike added. Someone hook these guys up with Jacob the Jeweler—while there's still time, that is.

Photo credit: Jay Jennings/Fader

What We Learned from Run the Jewels’ Reddit AMA