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Sunless 97 Celebrate Ecstatic Connections On “Pure4Sure”

The London trio deliver an elongated take on dancehall’s breezy lilt on new single for Rinse.

November 12, 2014

Sunless 97 are a London trio—Alice, Ed and Matthew—who've been making the nicest of sounds for a good handful of years now. I've only seen them live once, but I can still feel the warm thrill of dancing to their beat. Alice and Ed's voices fit together like interlinking fingers on new single "Pure4Sure," slipping freely through their elongated take on dancehall's breezy lilt. "'Pure4Sure' is about people coming together at nighttime," the band told me over email. "It is a celebration of the communal feeling embodied by the club and the ecstatic connections affirmed in friendships." Amen to that. London radio station/record label Rinse will release "Pure4Sure" on December 1st.

Photo credit: Daniel Swan

Sunless 97 Celebrate Ecstatic Connections On “Pure4Sure”