Alt-Pop Duo Sunless 97’s “Life” Video Is A Heavenly Romance

A serotonin rush directed by PC Music collaborator Daniel Swan.

November 06, 2015

Soft-voiced electronic pop duo Sunless 97 are back with a new single called "Life," and it's a perfect snapshot of their world. They know just how to keep a moment of euphoria just on the tip of your tongue, lingering for what feels like forever: and in the same spirit, the video, directed by PC Music and Bala Club visual collaborator Daniel Swan, shows a single embrace in such warm, gentle detail that you feel like you're right inside it. "The idea for the video originated from a number of conversations we had with Daniel Swan and Curtly Thomas [art director and stylist] about slow cinema and small gestures," Sunless 97 told The FADER over email. "We spoke about Wong Kar Wai’s films and his DP Christoper Doyle’s camera movements, and sought to film a sort of small intimate exchange, where everything slows down and you can feel it more intensely—a feeling of otherness in the everyday."


"Life" is out today on Rinse.

Alt-Pop Duo Sunless 97’s “Life” Video Is A Heavenly Romance