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Watch Miley Cyrus Sling Pantyhose In Japan

Not nearly weird enough.

November 18, 2014

There's something comforting to know that however famous a celebrity may be stateside, you can unearth a commercial they filmed for some rando product in Japan on the sly. Now we've got our hands on Miley's, for a Japanese tights line called Golden Lady, and it's certainly on-brand: Miley struts around with various playful oversized teddy bears, grinds on top of a golden cadillac, and stunts a bit in red hose and no top. If you want your daily dose of weird, click some of the links in the first sentence, then watch Miley rip a pink teddy bear to pieces above.

Lead Image: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Watch Miley Cyrus Sling Pantyhose In Japan