Listen To Flying Lotus And Krayzie Bone’s “Medication Meditation”

Nocturnal new cut from FlyLo and friends.

Photographer Mark Mahaney
November 19, 2014

Flying Lotus' latest album, You're Dead, is one of the Los Angeles producer's most idiosyncratic works yet, a free-jazz free-for-all that doubles as a heady, heavy meditation on death. At this point, it's impossible to know what to expect from FlyLo, and his unpredictable nature shines again on new track "Medication Meditation," which features a verse from Krayzie Bone and contributions from vocalist/frequent FlyLo collaborator Niki Randa and bass-in-your-face wizard Thundercat. The tune's placid, shifting melancholia is reminiscent of the verdant greens on FlyLo's 2012 LP Until the Quiet Comes, but while that record sometimes possessed the quiet radiance of a sunny day, "Medication Meditation" is more explicitly nocturnal in mood-setting.

The track's taken from the soundtrack for the expanded edition of Grand Theft Auto V, which drops on PS4 and Xbox One on November 18 and features 162(!) new songs in its considerable musical arsenal. Read FADER's recent FlyLo cover story here.

Update 11/20/14 4:24 p.m. FlyLo just dropped another GTA V-related cut, "Masquatch," featuring DOOM; hear it below.

Listen To Flying Lotus And Krayzie Bone’s “Medication Meditation”