15 Things We Learned From ILoveMakonnen’s Twitter Q&A

Getting stalked by demons, stood up at prom, Lil B collabs, and more!

December 05, 2014

Beginning last night (and still going), ILoveMakonnen took time out of his schedule to open up a Q&A on his Twitter feed. It's our favorite thing, maybe ever. The best new things we learned about our favorite rapper, below.

1. He keeps a journal
2. He's down to fight mythical creatures
3. He hurt his wrist
4. He knows what everyone wants
5. He likes Tuesdays for a lotta different reasons
6. He has demons stalking him
7. His dog knew about ILoveMakonnen before you did
8. He's working on a song with Lil B
9. He has more fun than you on Halloween
10. He loves ice cubes
11. He has an alternate career option as an astronomer
12. He knows what he's coming back as
13. His prom date bailed on him
14. He wants to work with Ryan Hemsworth
15. He's the best
15 Things We Learned From ILoveMakonnen’s Twitter Q&A