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Watch The Destructive Video For Objekt’s “Second Witness”

Unspooled film for the techno producer’s new clip.

December 09, 2014

British techno producer TJ Hertz's debut LP as Objekt, Flatland, is one of the most engaging electronic LPs from this year, disintegrating techno's basic framework and running hot-blooded electro through its re-assembled pipes. There's something molecular and deconstructive about his music, and this video for Flatland cut "Second Witness," a collaboration between Hertz, Swiss visual artist Rachel Buehlmann, British photographer Joe Dilworth, and French/Japanese artist Nine YamamotoMasson, embraces those tendencies in a visual medium.

"It expands upon one the concepts behind the album – the idea of seeing a complex scene from every angle at once – as it explores the theme of vision and the limitations of sight, probing the desire to escape one's own restricted point of view," PAN, the notorious noise label that put out Flatland, said in an email to FADER. "The theme is reflected in both medium and motifs: shot entirely on film, the images purposefully tread the boundary between figurative and abstract."

Lead Photo: Joe Dilworth

Watch The Destructive Video For Objekt’s “Second Witness”