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Melbourne Four-Piece Dick Diver Premieres “Waste The Alphabet”

Stream a clever, jangly pop song from the band’s new LP.

December 10, 2014

At one point on Australian band Dick Diver's new song "Waste The Alphabet," guitarist Alistair Mckay sings Look in the mirror/ I can see China from here, sounding charmed by his own cleverness. It's this totally impossible idea but also the track's most memorable line, delivered with a snarky ease over genteel guitars and a surf-indebted breeziness. "I wanted a bitchy, self indulgent narrator," he told FADER in an email, "someone vulnerable but pathetic like the guy in Elvis Costello's 'Girls Talk.'" The track, which Mckay co-wrote with Melbourne poet Michael Farrell, is off Dick Diver's Melbourne, Florida LP, out March 6th via Chapter Music and March 10th via Trouble In Mind.

Photo credit: Mia Mala McDonald

Melbourne Four-Piece Dick Diver Premieres “Waste The Alphabet”