Watch The Video For Death Grips’ “Inanimate Sensation”

Six-minute tune accompanied with (literally) arena-crashing visual.

December 10, 2014

Those wacky guys in Death Grips basically are done and finished, but not quite out of sight just yet: the second half of their The Powers That B double album, jenny death, is still on its way, and now they've shared the first song we've laid ears on from that record, the typically aggressive "Inanimate Sensation." The six-minute tune's accompanied by a visual of a JumboTron that's crashed into an arena floor, and the JumboTron's display flickers crazily and at one point shows another arena floor in various states of collapse a la The Dark Knight Rises. Trippy! Meta! What will Death Grips think of next? Well, probably not much since they're almost done for good, but whatever—watch the video below.

No word on whether this one features Robert Pattinson on guitar, but hey, we can dream.

Photo credit: Karl Walter/Getty Images

Watch The Video For Death Grips’ “Inanimate Sensation”