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“A Love For Imagination”: Stream K Rizz’s New Diva House Track

The Filipina pop princess known for Tagalog reggaeton track “Salbahe” is back with some stunning diva house.

December 16, 2014

K Rizz is a Filipina NYC-based pop force of nature—you might be familiar with for her Tagalog reggaeton ripper "Salbahe." She described the meaning of the track's title thus in an interview with DIS: "Wild, bad and free. Even if you don't understand the words you'll be attracted to my delivery. It's like Lil' Kim lyrics in Tagalog over a Daddy Yankee beat." In that same interview, K Rizz says she's "always loved the beauty and drama of Ball culture"—in fact, she regularly walks in balls and is part of The House of Labeija, the first ever ballroom house in NYC—and that spirit definitely shines through a little bit in the diva house track we're premiering today, called "Imagine If," produced by Beggars In A New Land.

Considering the endless stream of vocal house that exists in the world, it's special when a track as good as this comes along—K Rizz's voice is so lush and glamorous, and the power with which she approaches the vocal is just mesmerizing. She told The FADER in an email about the story behind the song: "'Imagine If' is a song about love. A love for imagination. The idea comes from a story I wrote in my diary at a young age. About how a long distance relationship wouldn't break if they would just love each other through their Imagination." Check it out below and be on the lookout for its release via Doom Dab on her forthcoming LP, Wanted.

“A Love For Imagination”: Stream K Rizz’s New Diva House Track