Listen To Chastity Belt’s Fiery “Time To Go Home”

Title track from the Seattle rockers’ new LP.

January 06, 2015

Way, way back in 2013 ('memba then?), Seattle rockers Chastity Belt released a strong breakout LP in the form of the typo-very-much-intended No Regerts—and now they're back with a new label home, Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art, and a new LP, Time To Go Home, which sees release on March 24. The record is very, very good—and while the closing title track showcases only one of several moods explored throughout the LP, its hard-hittingly slack vocals and chugging guitar breakdown are a good intro to Chastity Belt's charms if you haven't been exposed to them already.

"'Time to go Home' is about treating boredom with substances," Chastity Belt told FADER in an email. "It's about having too much free time, feeling bored, getting a little drunk, wanting more, getting completely trashed, feeling euphoric, feeling sick, and finally having a sudden and urgent need to go home and go to bed."

Check out the spooky-scary cover art below, too.

Lead photo: Angel Ceballos

Listen To Chastity Belt’s Fiery “Time To Go Home”