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Watch THEESatisfaction’s Timeless-Looking “Recognition” Video

Featuring the spirit of Langston Hughes, John Coltrane, Sun-Ra, Marian Anderson, and so many more.

January 08, 2015

On February 24, new age-y R&B group THEESatisfaction will return with a new full-length, EarthEE. At the end of last year they shared "Recognition," a mantra-like song preaching the virtues of self-celebration, and now there's a carefully conceived video (via Okayplayer) to match. Within, the duo—along with Erik Blood and Shabazz Palaces, both of whom contributed to the song, as well as more than twenty other black artists and influencers—strike poses at the final resting place of the great Langston Hughes and in the homes of John Coltrane, Sun-Ra, and Marian Anderson.

The video's director Tionna McClodden explains of the video, "I wanted these artists to appear monolithic and reverent. I also wanted a visual work that would age very well, and eventually provide a unique view of some of the artists who were significant of this current time." For more, read the rest of her artist statement here.

Watch THEESatisfaction’s Timeless-Looking “Recognition” Video