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A-Trak Premieres Surreal, Nudity-Filled Video For “Push”

“Eyes Wide Shut meets Burning Man.”

January 14, 2015

A-Trak's recent solo single with Andrew Wyatt, "Push," is a piano-house banger perfectly suited for getting weird at the club—and getting weird is exactly what the single's video does, with a fair bit of nudity and strange, glittery opulence that looks as eerie as it does cool. "My approach to dance music has always been a bit left, so the last thing I wanted was one of those sparkler bottle "lets make this night live forever!" videos," A-Trak said in an email to FADER. "Instead, I wanted to make something with the opulence of a rap video, but shot like a renaissance painting. I got my boy TM88 (from 808 Mafia) to play the lead role, we shot it in a castle in France. It's kind of like Eyes Wide Shut meets Burning Man. I also really wanted a tiger and a squid, I was very specific about that."

Lead photo: Matthew Williams

A-Trak Premieres Surreal, Nudity-Filled Video For “Push”