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Ciara’s “I Bet” Is The Realest Breakup Song

Damn, Ci.

January 14, 2015

"It is much bigger than any one person's experience," Ciara told Billboard about her new single, "I Bet," an acoustic-driven midtempo cut produced by Harmony Samuels—but it's very hard to listen to "I Bet" and not think about the very specific experience of Ciara herself, whose engagement to Future was called off last year after reports of the latter's infidelity surfaced. And the cutting lyrics of "I Bet" sounds like there's no love lost between the two: I bet you start loving me soon as I start loving someone else/ Someone better than you, she sings, describing trust issues and cheating woes (You can keep that bitch over there/ Giving me the ugly stare) before issuing a seriously withering burn: I mean, I would stay if you could tell the truth/ But you can't/ No matter how much time I ask. Ouch. Listen to the song above.

UPDATE 1/14/15 10:38 a.m.: Well, now we know the title of Ciara's new album, too:

Ciara’s “I Bet” Is The Realest Breakup Song