Hear Nozinja And Tessela’s New Split 12”

Hear both artists take on Nozinja’s “Wa Chacha.”

January 22, 2015

It's a match made in electronic music heaven: Shangaan Electro genius Nozinja and hot-to-trot UK breakbeat maestro Tessela have teamed up for a split 12", Wa Chacha, that'll see release on February 9 via Bleep. Nozinja, who's currently hard at work on his debut LP for Warp, wrote the original tune, and Tessela offered his own spin on it, chilling out his hard-edged junglist sound for something more patient and explicitly melodic (all good things!)—and you can hear both takes below.

"'Wa Chacha' is a song that is sung by women, especially the mother of a girl who is back from adulthood or school," Nozinja told FADER in an email. "Tessela and I played a show in London together and we we were both in a hurry to do something together. He's very good at mixing sounds. I taught him Shangaan sounds and drums and I learned how he puts together different sounds. I wish to do it again."

"Earlier in the year me and Nozinja met up and made some music," Tessela told FADER. "He's written/produced/released some of my favourite records and has a completely different approach to making music to me or anyone i've collaborated with before. It was wicked to work with someone with so much enthusiasm."

Lead photo: Shaun Bloodworth

Hear Nozinja And Tessela’s New Split 12”