Stream Tropics’ New Album, Rapture

Explore the chilled-out eerieness of the London producer’s new one.

February 09, 2015

London producer Tropics explores electronic music's more chilled-out spaces with an almost eerie sense of calm and control, and his new album, Rapture, is the latest evidence of his talents. The album's out next week, February 17, via Los Angeles-based label Innovative Leisure—but you can stream the whole shebang here right now.

"Writing music has always been an unpredictable process for me, so this record was about gaining control over that, pushing it further, to the point I was writing music more often than ever before," Tropics told FADER about the album in an email. "It's an album that has aimed to be truly personal but in no way falsified or forced. A natural flowing document of things that were happening in my life, without over complexing or encrypting. I feel it touches on many elements of being a producer, electronic moments, live jazz drumming, studio recording, bedroom recording, it's almost trying to do too many things at once but I think I like that, it's also an emotional rollercoaster!"

Lead image: Emily Buck

Stream Tropics’ New Album, Rapture