One Of The Sharks From Shark Tank Claims He Invented YOLO Before Drake

But he didn’t.

February 17, 2015

Who's your favorite shark on Shark Tank? I'm partial to the acerbic, villainously brilliant Kevin O'Leary (yes, "Mr. Wonderful"), but Daymond John would come in a close second for me (Barbara Corcoran ties for second, maybe?). The FUBU founder has always seemed significantly more chill than the slimy Marc Cuban, the lecherous Robert Herjavec, the annoying Lori Grenier, or the utterly boring Kevin Harrington; he rarely takes a deal, and when he does, he seems to know what he wants and isn't 1) trying to take the contestant for a ride, 2) guilted into it by way of the show's presentation of American entrepreneur-as-charity case, or 3) trying to hit on the contestant in question. Shark Tank! It's a great show.

OK, on to the reason why we've arrived here: real Shark Tank heads know that, in the first season back in 2009, John referred to an opportunity presented to a contestant as "a YOLO moment." (You can watch the clip above, via TMZ.) Now, obviously, John's YOLO utterance predates Drake's co-opting by a few years—and don't think John hasn't noticed, as he goes off to TMZ's cameras below:

So John claims in the above TMZ video that he invented YOLO. "That's what I was told, yeah... we used it around the office for a while, then I put it on Shark Tank, then my favorite rapper used it." (John also talks about he feels too old to say "thot," which is hilarious.) But! Internet lore has long dictated that Adam Mesh, a contestant on the forgotten NBC reality show The Average Joe, first dropped the term way back in 2004. There you have it.

Lead image: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

One Of The Sharks From Shark Tank Claims He Invented YOLO Before Drake