Bushido Works Up A Grime Flute Froth On “Bashful”

It’s a gem from London label Liminal Sounds’ forthcoming EP, Liminality 01.

February 19, 2015

Liminal Sounds has a knack for sniffing out curiously angular musical artifacts (see: exhibits A and B). On Liminality 01, the first in a series of compilation EPs due out March 9, the London-based label introduces five new artists to its roster—Archer, Bushido, Copout, JGYB, and Shining Force—who each deal in haunting instrumentals that skirt the fertile territory of grime. Glasgow-based producer Bushido's "Bashful," in particular, works the genre's flute-like synth sound palette into a pleasing parlour music affair.

He has an entirely different take on it though: "I made this track on my girlfriend's laptop with a 30 day free trial of Ableton Live, as my laptop was in laptop heaven i.e. royally bust," Bushido told The FADER. "I was imagining a zombie game like Left 4 Dead, just trying to run away and that; but at the end getting munched like a Big Mac haha. PS this production took place under the influence of love and prosperity, not drugs." Have a listen below.

Photo credit: Patrick Thornton

Bushido Works Up A Grime Flute Froth On “Bashful”