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Jidenna Premieres “Classic Man” Video

It’s the first single from Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Records comp, out in May.

February 20, 2015

For several years, Janelle Monáe has incubated artists at the soundproofed Atlanta headquarters of her Wondaland Arts Society. Now, her Wondaland Records imprint has partnered with Epic. Together, they'll release a compilation of the new work from the Wondaland crew in May. That will feature a new Monáe single, called "Yoga."

But the Wondaland compilation's first offering is Jidenna's "Classic Man," a song featuring Roman GianArthur that's got a radio-friendly beat and throwback message. "'Classic Man' is an anthem for the gentleman who carries himself with dignity and integrity," Jidenna told The FADER via email. The video—or "emotion picture," in Jidenna's words—"is intended to celebrate men who are sharp in mind, body, and style." Personally, I think men can look as brilliant in denim and slouchy sweats as they can in suspenders, but there's no arguing that the video's director Alan Ferguson (bka Solange's husband) looks terrific in his suit in his cameo here, or that feeling comfortable and carrying yourself with grace looks good on everyone.

Jidenna Premieres “Classic Man” Video