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Liam Gallagher Hated Kanye West’s “All Day” Performance

“You’re a million miles away from College Dropout. That’s artistry.”

February 26, 2015

A lot of people loved Kanye West's performance of "All Day" at last night's BRIT Awards, but former Oasis guy (and former Beady Eye dude) Liam Gallagher did not. If you're having deja vü right now, it's because Liam's brother and once-Oasis partner Noel talked shit on Kanye recently too. But this is different!

So he's a College Dropout fan! Weird. He then, for some reason, recommended that Kanye listen to Lee Mavers of seminal British rock band the La's, because #British:

I personally think Kanye should listen to Definitely Maybe. It's a really good Oasis record! He might like it. (The "All Day" performance was still fire, though—figuratively and literally.)

Lead image: Jason Oxenham/Getty Images

Liam Gallagher Hated Kanye West’s “All Day” Performance