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G-Unit Is All Grown Up On Their New Single

They do what they want to.

February 27, 2015

50 Cent's reunited rap crew G-Unit returned last year for an EP called The Beauty of Independence, and they're coming back again soon with a new EP called The Beast Is G-Unit. Though that release doesn't hit stores until April 3, the group shared a typically booming new track called "I'm Grown" last night, centered around the freedoms and folly that come with adulthood.

As Complex points out, 50 also took to MTV to talk about a forthcoming collaboration with Eminem called "Champions" for his in progress album Street King Immortal. He describes his longtime friend as a "lab rat" and says it sounds like a number of their previous works together. You can watch that interview below, alongside "I'm Grown."

G-Unit Is All Grown Up On Their New Single